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Owner / Director


The man who started Mashail Al Khaleej and transformed it from a humble electronic equipment and telecom products distributing enterprise into one of the kingdom’s leading marketing and services network, Mr. HAMAD, is still at the company’s helm today.  An entrepreneur who owns different companies of different product lines, Mr. Hamad, a Saudi national, envisions a more dynamic, technologically equipped Saudi people, always adaptive to the dizzying pace of communication breakthroughs.



Joined Mashail Al Khaleej in 1993 as a vice-President, before that he was working at Ministry of PTT for ten (10) years at Customer Service and Tender Contract. Then, he was the Support Service Manager at a transportation company. Making use of his vast experience at Transportation Company and the Ministry of PTT, Mr. Adel toke command of the operations of Mashail and oversees the market planning of new products and introduction of value-added services. Mr. Adel, also a Saudi national, is the man responsible for implementing practically all technical service, sales, and marketing programs of the company.