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For the years ahead, Mashail Al Khaleej Electronics is embarking on maintaining its leadership in wired and wireless communications marketing, technical consultancy, product distribution, installation, repair and maintenance services through innovative marketing approaches, superior technical competence, and pro-active customer-oriented service.  Mashail Al Khaleej for Electronics envisions a dynamic kingdom through better and more reliable communications.
Mashail's Commitment to Service

Success not with standing, Mashail Al Khaleej focused true to its objective: to provide clients with total customer satisfaction through top and authentic quality products paralleled by competent professional service. Fully aware of the need to be conveniently accessible to its clients, Mashail Al Khaleej formed its strong marketing, installation and repair channels through its branches, field sales representatives, and independent dealers.

These moves were made with the primary intention of nurturing closer ties with clients to provide them with continuous customer service.At present, Mashail has two branches which are strategically located in the Kingdom. There is the Jeddah branch which is catering to clients in the Western province and another in Al Khobar which services clients in the Eastern provinvce.

Mashail has also accredited more than 500 independent dealers which operate in different locations in the Kingdom. Full-time, professional, competent, and highly technical sales representatives are always on call to service customers. All these efforts are directed towards reaching and serving clients wherever they may be. Mashail Al Khaleej has thirty six (36) showrooms and twenty eight (28) service centers to provide customers with excellent service and satisfaction. 

A toll-free customer service center staff has also been provided so that customers can easily provide feedback regarding the product they purchased or the quality of service they got.  Excellence in customer service has been part of the culture of each and every member of the Mashail family. In today’s highly competitive and aggressive business environment, this commitment placed Mashail ahead of the rest in customer service .